Food safety

The importance of food safety and consumer trust

Associated parties

It is logical for veal farmers, meat processing companies and traders to want to provide demonstrably reliable products. By associating themselves with the SKV on a voluntary basis, the quality is not only consistently checked but also guaranteed.

This serves as reassurance for all the associated members and their customers.

Food safety regulations

Food must meet all sorts of quality requirements. In order to guarantee national and international food safety, rules are applied. The government wants producers, products and animals to be registered and traceable. Companies have to able to guarantee that their products meet the legal requirements.

Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority

Companies that produce food products must comply with the rules for safety. The production of fresh meat is governed by European rules and laws. The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) inspects Dutch companies to ensure compliance with these rules. The government has the task of ensuring that food products are safe: consumers have to be able to rely on their food not being harmful to their health.

Strong international position

Veal that has been subject to inspections has a strong international position. The companies associated with the SKV produce a premium-quality product at a competitive cost price. Integration plays an important role in this process and functions such as feed production, processing and transport companies are combined where possible. This has resulted in European market leadership. An important market for SKV veal is southern Europe, where there are good local contacts with supermarket chains as distribution channels. The sector is very capable of responding to new developments and trends and has thus proven itself to be a reliable partner. By investing in product and market innovations, opportunities are also being created in new markets in emerging economies.